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What We Do

What We Do

Precidian Investments®

Precidian Investments® is an industry leader in the creation of innovative financial products, specializing in exchange-traded fund (ETF) and mutual fund development, and associated trading and pricing technologies.

True intellectual protection for performing portfolio managers.

First currency backed ETFs.

Fastest fund to One Billion Dollars.

ADRs minus the currency risk.

What We Do

We design and develop next-generation tools for the mutual fund industry, ETF providers and leading financial services institutions to meet the needs of today’s more sophisticated investors. Precidian Investments®’ expertise in product development, trading, clearance, sales, technology, and securities law enables us to more efficiently design and build cutting-edge financial instruments. We pride ourselves on our ability to create novel, state-of-the-art financial products that address specific investor needs and differentiate us from the competition.

Precidian Investments

Our Partners

By partnering with Precidian Investments®, you will be working alongside a leader in innovative ETF and financial product development. For an ongoing fee, Precidian Investments® will license their patent pending processes and technologies or, if you wish, act as sponsor for the products and handle all regulatory filings and oversight.

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